G-Series 5-Axis Universal Machining Center-G750Close


G-Series 5-Axis Universal Machining Center-G750




Working travels in X/Y/Z axis (mm) 1000/1100/1170
Speeds in X/Y/Z axis [m/min] 60/50/75
Acceleration (max.) in X/Y/Z axis [m/s2] 9
Feed force (max.) in X/Y/Z axis [kN] 12
Accuracy (ISO230-2 Third Edition 2006-03-15)  
> Two-sided position uncertainty A in X/Y/Z axis [mm] 0.006
> Two-sided repeat precision of positioning R in X/Y/Z axis [mm] 0.004
Main Spindle (Drive: Standard)  
Toolholder for short hollow taper tools to DIN 69 893 HSK-A63/HSK-A100
Speed nmax [rpm] 9000 to 30000
Table diameter [mm] 950
Table load [kg] (range with/ without) 1500/2000
Pallet size [mm] 800 x 800
Maximum interference diameter [mm] 1280